We are a company focused about the production and deliver of hight standards with over30 years of experience.


We are a company focused about the production and deliver of hight standards with over 30 years of experience.

Every and each company has got a beginning, ours dated about the 82`s at the fields of Berja, a farmer family with 0,5 hc land.

Due to our experience as farmers and our well doing, in 96 the SAT MONTIVEL society it is created as a request from the remaining farmers for the production and exportation of theirs products,starting with a distribution of 1 500.000 kilos in the year.


currently, we have more than 400 farmers and more than 10 hc of own browning, besides of having a huge group of specialists that run the whole process from the production to the comercialitacion, following along the whole process strict rules of quality.

We are situated in the municipality of Berja (Spain) in the collin which names the company “Montivel” and we have ….. in Tarambana (El Ejido). ……


In SAT MONTIVEL we follow ISO 9002,Global Gap, BRC regulations since ours target is getting the best quality of ours brands MONTIVEL and FLOR DE BERJA.

We are best at growing and delivering of all varieties of pepper (red,green,yellow and orange) and courget round and long.


The success of ours services and production is due to the continuous tracing and evolution of the system of production and deliver that allows ourselves to get high quality cultivation and to reach a volume of production of over 25 millions kilos per year.


En SAT Montivel estamos concienciados con la calidad de nuestros productos.

La producción es íntegramente propia, la cual realizamos a través de nuestras fincas de Berja, y la de los agricultores que trabajan con nosotros, asegurando el total control

sobre todo el proceso de producción, ofreciendo a nuestros clientes el producto con mayor vida útil del mercado y garantizando la comercialización desde septiembre hasta finales de Junio, ininterrumpidamente.


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